MAPA MX-10RA6-5/8 Stainless Rooftop Roller Pipe Support

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  • adjustable height from 3" to 6"
  • 10" maximum pipe size
  • maximum load of 280 pounds


  • use as a pipe support for natural gas piping applications on single ply or built up roofs
  • can be used in applications where thermal expansion is expected

**Stainless Steel Base**

    Add 1 1/4" x 17" Stainless Steel Pipe Strap:

    Add 1/2" Walk Pad:

    What's This?

    The Heavy Duty Walk Pad is 1/2” thick 100% recycled rubber and is field installed to the support with E-6000 adhesive. This pad may increase the weight limit by 20% and increases the footprint. This pad is also used for walkways and in many cases conforms to building codes by preventing damage to the roof.

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    Base Assembly18 gauge, grade 304 stainless steel
    Rod Assembly1/2" grade 304 stainless steel all threaded rod
    Roller Assembly1/2" - vertical stainless steel all threaded rod with stainless steel shaft hard cast rubber roller with nylon bushing
    Heightadjustable from 3" to 6"
    Base Dimension8" x 20"
    Foot Print 160 square inches
    Weight Limit280 pounds
    Maximum Pipe Sizesingle 10" or smaller schedule 40 natural gas piping

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