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Miro 4 Riser Pre-Built Crossover Kit

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All crossover structures are designed to meet loading criteria for maintenance access per requirements found in the Adopted Local Building Code, IBC, ASCE 7 and OSHA 1910 Subpart D.

When ordering, the last number in the model name corresponds to the length of the platform (either 48" or 60"). Therefore, when ordering a 4-step pre-built kit with a 60-inch platform, the model number would be 4-CO-60. The crossovers are shipped in several different sections and are straightforward to assemble on-site. All kits will ship with assembly instructions.


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    The MIRO pre-built crossover kits are a quick and easy solution to many crossover needs. They are available in four different clearance heights, with the option of either a 4-foot (48″) platform or a 5-foot (60″) platform. Additional measurements and critical dimensions for each model are as follows:

    Model Risers Clearance Height Platform Lengths Riser Height Inside Width Overall Length Overall Width
    2-CO-48 2 per side 22″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 116.5″ 64″
    3-CO-48 3 per side 31.5″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 140.5″ 64″
    4-CO-48 4 per side 41″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 160.5″ 64″
    5-CO-48 5 per side 50.5″ 48″ or 60″ 9.5″ 36″ 187.5″ 64″

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