Portals Plus 4" Aluminum ReRoof Drain w Plastic Dome Premier Seal

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  • Drain shall consist of a molded ultraviolet stabilized polyethylene or cast aluminum dome strainer
  • A cast aluminum epoxy coated gravel guard and clamping ring
  • 15" O.D. spun Aluminum drain flange
  • The outlet pipe shall have a unique Mechanically Expandable Rubber Seal.
  • Available in 3", 4", 5" and 6"

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    Premier Seal

    Portals Plus, the premier manufacturer of stock rooftop accessories,proudly announces the Premier Seal for Aluminum ReRoof Drains!Portals Plus has developed a unique Mechanically Expandable Rubber Seal, “The Premier Seal”. The Drain is designed to replace existing drains in retrofit applications. All installation is conducted on the roof surface. The seal is activated by tightening the internal screws with the Premier Screwdriver. The Seal utilizes PVC flanges for increased strength and stainless steel screws to compress the EPDM rubber gasket. The compression of the seal expands it and makes contact into the existing piping of the pre-existing drain, therefore, preventing vertical movement and stopping water damage into the building. The Premier Seal exceeds SPRI and ANSI Retrofit Drains requirements. The unique Portals Plus ReRoof Drains are available now in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” sizes in conjunction with the aluminum ReRoof Drain.

    Premier Seal

    New die-cast high strength alloy Dome Strainer means fewer debris-clogged drain lines due to broken domes. Further, the Dome Strainer bolts down to prevent malicious vandalism to the drain system.

    New die-cast high strength alloy Clamping Ring means secure and even compression of the edge of the roofing system at the lowest point of the roof and prevents backups under the system into the insulation.

    Stainless fasteners mechanically locked to the flange mean that the Clamping Ring can be truly tightened to seal the membrane without fear of snapping soldered or aluminum studs.

    New spun high tensile 22,000 psi .060” thick aluminum flange remains flat for flush mounting and eliminates the water dam problem created by a thick flange.

    Flange prepunched for easy securement to the deck to control thermal movement and eliminate membrane stresses.

    Machine welded gas-tight joint between flange and tube creates a unitized construction which eliminates concerns about soldered joints melting and leaking and avoids the internal stresses that cause cracking in large one-piece spinnings.

    Constant diameter extruded aluminum tube means a sure fit and allows cutting at any point with the same diameter. This means that the seal fits the same at any point on the tube and in the drain pipe, unlike spun tubes which taper.

    New Premier Seal! Utilizes white ABS plastic to ensure better visibility during installation. Mechanical Seal provides water-tight installation.